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According to Gartner 1.95 billion new mobile phones and 321 million tablets will be shipped in 2015. In addition, on average people spend 90 minutes a day on their mobiles (Source:

This means that mobile apps are no longer a “nice to have”, they are a “must have”. A mobile app:

  • Allows you to get in front of customers and potential customers at all times
  • Is a direct marketing channel
  • Is a perfect way of reaching out to your existing customers and, through providing value to them, binding them closer to you
  • Lets you build your brand and get recognised
  • Lets you stand out from the competition

K2K has extensive expertise in mobile application development for the major platforms and devices – iOS, Android, Windows Phone. As well as developing in native OS, we also use cross-platform frameworks such as HTML5 and PhoneGap and tools and languages such as Swift, X-Code, Java and CSS.

Our mobile solutions ensure help our clients get to market quicker giving them first mover and cost advantages.

Have a look at a couple of mobile apps we have developed. Few samples

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